Saturday, June 20, 2015

House Still Feels Cold? Call the Likes of Toronto Insulation Pros

Toronto is a pretty chilly city to live in. That being said, it helps if you have a warm and snug abode to be in, where you can safely curl up indoors. That’s the ideal scenario, at least, but apparently, not every house tends to hold up well to the cold. There would be times when the indoors still feel chilly even with the heater turned up. There are a few possible reasons why your home may still feel colder indoors than it should be. One possible culprit could be your home’s insulation—it could be either outdated or insufficient. Rooms with inadequate insulation may feel a lot colder than properly insulated ones, with attics, rooms over the garage, basements, and newly added rooms being particularly vulnerable.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Call Peterborough Insulation Pros for Help in Home Efficiency Tweaks

Have you taken a close look at your home’s utility bills lately, and do the figures seem a bit excessive? If it seems too pricey having to keep the lights on and the water running (not to mention, to keep warm during the winter and vice versa), then your home might not be as energy efficient as it should be. Fortunately, you have plenty of options at your disposal to slash your bills—in the nature of several home upgrades. Here are a few to help you get started. Upgraded Insulation Experts do not recommend insulating homes and sealing virtually everything for no reason. By adequately sealing off/replacing your windows and doors (as well as adding insulation in key areas like your attic), however, you’ll be able to keep heat in when it’s cold and, conversely, keep cool when it’s a swelter.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toronto Insulation Essentials: Making Sure the Attic is Insulated

Homeowners in Toronto, Scarborough, and other parts of the country continually seek ways to reduce their energy consumption while keeping their homes comfortable. On way to do this is to add insulation in Toronto and Scarborough homes, particularly in the attic. Having proper insulation in the attic can save homeowners a considerable amount in utility bills, while helping protect the home from the elements. Insulation in the attic helps keep heat from coming in or going out. Heat has a natural tendency to travel to where the air is cool, so in winter, heated air tries to escape to the outside, while in summer, it makes its way into air conditioned rooms. The attic is the part of the house where heat is most likely to come in or out, so insulating it can prevent heat loss or heat gain.

Insulation in Peterborough: Keep Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

When the weather turns too hot or too cold, homeowners in Peterborough or Toronto would naturally want their homes to be as comfortable as possible, and give them refuge from the sweltering heat or freezing cold outside. Insulation in Peterborough, Toronto, and other areas ensures that the home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while keeping energy bills in control. The purpose of insulation is to keep outside air from getting inside through vents, cracks, or holes around the home; and prevent cooled or heated air inside from getting out. It works, basically, by preventing heat from flowing in during the summer, and out during the winter. Signs of a poorly insulated home include hot indoor temperatures in summer, and cold floors and walls in winter.